Kreuzbund e.V. Help for addicts

Am I an addict?

Do you regularly try to overcome critical situations with alcohol, medication or illegal drugs to reduce your frustration and angst?

Is your alcohol consumption in company or at weekends regularly out of control?

Have you noticed that your life primarily revolves around the addictive substances, and you are neglecting other interests and friends?

Help for people with an addiction

Approximately 1,200 self-help groups within the Kreuzbund organisation provide advice and help for all. There is a Kreuzbund group near you which can show you ways to overcome your dependence on alcohol, drugs, medication, or addiction-related behaviour such as gambling or use of internet.

Our community helps you to cope with your daily life without any of these substances. We support each other on the way to a contented, self-determined life with pleasure activities, fun and enjoyment.

The Kreuzbund community is there for you, regardless of whether you live alone or have a family. Come and join us – it doesn’t matter if this is your first step towards overcoming your addiction or if you have already tried many times without success.

Is my partner suffering from an addiction?

  • Are you taking over tasks normally done by a member of your family who is addicted, and do you try to hide his/her problem?
  • Are you keeping a check on a member of your family who is addicted, and hiding his/her addictive substances?
  • Are you neglecting your own needs, are you often physically and mentally overstressed and tired?

Help for family members and other dependents

A family can be compared to a mobile. If one member of the family suffers from an addiction, all others are affected and do everything possible to keep the balance. It is extremely difficult to free yourself from the addict’s problem.

In a self-help group for addicts you can get information on the symptoms of this illness and the effect it can have on personal relationships. You can find out how you yourself can care for your own good and for your children. You will also learn how you can support the member of your family with an addiction on their way to recovery without risking your own health.

In mixed groups addicts and dependents (with or without the relevant addict) come together. But there are also groups purely for dependents, where the partners of those affected can give vent to their worries under the protection of the group.

You too can visit one of the Kreuzbund groups at any time and will find support, authentic help, and enjoy the company of the community. Addicts and dependents are welcome at any of our meetings. Everyone can decide, how much of their story they wish to tell. The group meetings are confidential and free of charge.

German is spoken in all our groups, and you should be able to speak and understand some German so that you can tell us about yourself and understand the other members.

How can we help you?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any groups specifically in English, but in a few some group members also speak English.

We currently have very few groups in Germany where the Polish language is spoken, but we can try to arrange for a Polish speaker in Kreuzbund or in other areas of the self-help community for addicts to contact you either by telephone or e-mail.

Initial contact should be via e-mail to us, where you can explain your problem in English or Polish. We will then organise an English or Polish speaking person to contact you.

If you are able to communicate in German, you can try using the following services on our website: