Who are we there for?

Who are we there for?

We are there for all addicts and their families.

What we offer addicts
In Kreuzbund’s self-help groups, men and women with addiction problems can find both help and advice. You can find a Kreuzbund group in your area that will show you ways to overcome your dependency on substances such as alcohol or medication or addictive behaviour such as gambling or excessive use of internet.

For us, it is important to create an environment that is both supportive and gregarious. The community enables us to direct the addict towards a happy and abstinent lifestyle. We aim to help each other to lead a life free of addiction that is healthy, self-confident and happy – and with such help many addicts achieved that goal one year ago, five , 15, even 20 or more years ago.

The Kreuzbund community is there for you, whether you live alone or in a family. Come and join us – regardless of whether this is the first step to free yourself from your addiction or if you have already tried many times in vain – we can help you forward!

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What we offer addicts’ families and dependents
In many ways a family is similar to a mobile. When one member of the family is burdened by an addictive illness, all others are affected and try to do everything possible to ensure balance is maintained.

Have you seen such signs in your family?

  • You feel partially responsible for the addicted person’s state, feel ashamed and take on his/her tasks.
  • You cover up your partner’s problem.
  • You try to take control of the member of your family affected and hide the addictive substance.
  • Over a long period of time you neglect your own needs and desires and become isolated.
  • Worrying about the addict in your family makes you feel tired, even physically, and mentally stressed. You need someone to help carry the burden.

It is hard to free yourself from your family member’s illness. But as a dependent, you can still do something for yourself:

  • Confide in someone you trust who understands a bit about addictive illness.
  • Get more information on the illness itself and the effects it can have on human relations.
  • As far as possible, ensure your own welfare and that of your children, and if necessary protect yourself and your children.
  • Learn to support the addict in your family on his/her way to recovery, without damaging yourself.

You have had to withstand many a crucial moment and deserve support! In a self-help group you will find people who are moving forward together in confidence and support each other en route to a happy, contented life.

In mixed groups addicts and non-addicts (whether they have addicted relatives or not) meet together usually once a week.

Other groups are purely for relatives. Partners and parents of addicted people, sometimes also grown-up siblings or children of addictive parents, meet to exchange information and discuss their worries and expectations, and to share the burden of their problems within the protective group.

By recounting you story, listening and gaining more understanding you are already doing a lot for yourself and for the others and will rediscover the joy of life!

There are groups near you!