What we provide

What we provide

Kreuzbund offers aid to addicted people and their relatives in 1,400 groups. Members and volunteers motivate the people concerned in their search for an addiction-free way of life and provide information on treatment options. Individual assistance aims to improve the chance of recovery for the addict and his/her dependents, and to help the addict’s reintegration into family life, occupation and society.

The national head office also shares these aims, working closely with volunteers responsible for particular areas of operation – in particular with the national management committee – to develop practical training courses and seminars as required. The seminars designed by the national association are either intended for particular target groups within Kreuzbund and deal with topics relevant to the work of these groups, or they treat basic topics that are of interest to all members.

The national association also focuses its attention on assisting those volunteers who are chosen to network within the association on various topics and act as so-called “multiplicators”. Special meetings are held for these volunteers to allow them to exchange information on the work in various dioceses and to coordinate within the association as a whole. A further aim is to further individuals’ skills to work as volunteers within Kreuzbund.

In addition, in the past few years the national association has carried out various projects: these were topics relevant to the whole organization such as development of a concept for standardizing the training of new group leaders within Kreuzbund, or projects based on particular special subjects. These projects were implemented in cooperation with other associations offering mutual aid for addicts, financed by the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) and academically supported by the German Centre for Addiciton Issues (DHS). Topics such as “Building bridges – Young addicts and mutual aid” or “Optimising addiction aid by promoting health issues – S.o.G.” are aimed at expanding our own perspectives to include new subjects and encouraging new initiatives within Kreuzbund’s self-help programme.

The wide range of literature and teaching aids developed and put together by the national association help to provide interested parties with initial information on the work of Kreuzbund and support members and those involved in Kreuzbund at all levels with attractive PR material for the presentation of their work externally.

The consultants who work in the head office of Kreuzbund offer local groups and organizations practical advice and support – in particular when organising new courses or as facilitator in critical situations.