Friends and supporters’ association

Friends and supporters’ association

The Friends of Kreuzbund society
is an association of people who campaign for greater awareness of public exposure to addictive substances. Prevention and after-care are major challenges. Public awareness is raised by selective campaigns and initiatives.

The challenge facing the society
is to support and sponsor Kreuzbund’s voluntary work:
The purpose of the groups in Kreuzbund is to stabilize the process started in specialist treatment (therapy). This is an important factor not only in the healing process, but also in after-care and rehabilitation. When the newly abstinent addict is insecure, other members of the group can help with their own experiences. The group aims are to promote aid for self-help, stabilize self-confidence and create a positive attitude towards abstinence. Kreuzbund offers the chance to take part in addiction-free leisure activities and to rediscover a love of life in general.
Kreuzbund’s volunteers visit schools and offices to provide information on the danger of addiction and to promote awareness of alcohol abuse and other addictive substances. They accompany families where abuse has played a role both before, during and after treatment.

Every seven or eight minutes someone in Germany dies
as a direct or indirect result of alcohol abuse. More than 74,000 annually. Alcohol is therefore one of the most dangerous drugs. Better awareness of the dangers of alcohol abuse and willingness to remain sober on certain occasions (sobriety) can, for example help to reduce the number of road accidents caused by alcohol and ease their consequences.

You have the chance
to support the development of addiction mutual aid in general. Or you can opt to support one particular project:

  • Initial funding for a new group
  • Public relations
  • Training volunteers
  • International cooperation.

Please transfer your contribution for this important work to the following bank account:
Darlehenskasse im Bistum Münster
Sort code: 400 602 65
Account number: 4008 800

If you wish to support a particular project, please remember to note this on the transfer. And if you require a receipt for your donation, please remember to include your full name and address.

You can also arrange a regular payment or direct debit via your bank.

If you require further information, please contact us either by phone (02381/67272-0) or by E-Mail (