Fields of activity

Many of the addicted people and family members who have attended group meetings regularly over a longer period of time wish to become more involved and to help others. By taking on a task within a particular field of activity, Kreuzbund members can support others effectively which in addition enriches their own personal development.

Once or twice a year, representatives from all regions of Germany responsible for a particular field meet for a two-day working conference to exchange views on topics relevant to their own area of activity, informing others about the work in their region, and for training sessions. The aim is to exchange ideas, provide stimulus for their own work, and bring forward requests and views on how this field could be further developed on a national and local level. These volunteers, or so-called “multipliers”, form a link with the diocesan associations (DV) and, in their turn, should generate input and impulses from the latter to the national level. It is also their task to support the local groups.

Currently we have the following six fields of activity:

  • The family system
  • Men and Women / Gender-specific areas
  • Young Kreuzbund
  • The older generation / 55 plus
  • Public relations
  • Counselling / Spiritual guidance

The leaders of the six areas can be seen in the photos below.

Sonja Egger
Sonja Egger

The family system

We offer men and women who have been involved in Kreuzbund for a while and whose heart belongs to the “family” the chance to further their own personal development in this direction.

At our conferences participants work on common topics such as “Parenthood”, “Couples”, “Relatives” and “Singles” within Kreuzbund. We deal with the sensitive subject “Children of addicted parents” by looking into questions concerning the education and health of all members of the family and improving our skills here.

Kreuzbund supports all members of the family, and singles as well!

Our concept for "The family system" (german)

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Andrea Thimm
Andrea Thimm

Men and Women / Gender-specific areas

Women are different, men too – this is particularly true for addictive illnesses and the route to recovery. Which is why it is important to consider them separately – as woman, as man. We allow space for these gender-specific problems.

Want to go separate ways? Apart from the local Kreuzbund groups in which both men and women participate together, there are discussion groups for women only, and in the meantime also additional projects just for men.

We recognize that it is often much easier to talk woman to woman. Some topics are difficult to talk about. We want to make it easier and to activate the recovery process. The same applies to men: Men also find it difficult to talk about specific subjects, even if it would help them. Men who are open to discuss such topics can help others who are inhibited – it is a relief and eases the route to recovery.

Come and join us – you are very welcome! We need you so that we can be a strong community! Let us help you in your search for independence!

Our concept for "Men and Women / Gender-specific areas" (german)

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Maria Weber
Maria Weber

Young Kreuzbund

Boozing, smoking fags or hash, gambling, taking pills …?

“Damn, my boss is getting on my nerves! It’s true, I get stoned a lot more often these days or smoke a joint if I’m in a bad mood. How else can I have a bit of fun or relax? But recently even boozing with my mates is a drag. And the other day my girlfriend just flipped out and said she thought I was becoming addicted. Perhaps I do need someone who can help me to see where I’m heading?”

Do you sometimes have similar worries about your own consumption habits and wonder if a change would do you good?

Our self-help groups are open to

  • people who already have an addiction or are in danger of becoming addicted
  • anyone who wants to reduce consumption of an addictive substance or to stop completely
  • anyone who is looking for a way to overcome everyday hurdles and start enjoying life again.

You can either join a mixed-age group that already exists, or you can look for a group with people of your own age. Whichever you choose, the different perception on life and experiences within the group will help all participants, and mutual activities will bring momentum back into your life – without any addictive substances!

If you can’t find a Kreuzbund group with people of your own age, with the support of experienced men and women from the mutual aid scene or experts from a local addiction counselling service you could help to start up a self-help group for people similar to yourself in your own area.

In principle, it is well worth getting involved in mutual aid: self-help groups for addicts are very successful. Most people who take this route manage to resolve their consumption problems.

Together you can see more clearly! Come and join us!

Are you interested? If you want to learn more about how we work, click here …

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Dorothea Gabriel
Dorothea Gabriel

The older generation / 55 plus

Old age is a natural phase of life, getting old is a normal process. Those who adapt early enough will enjoy old age more and can answer the following questions more easily: “How can I stay healthy both in body and mind or regain my health? Do I have a partner at my side? Do I have friends to talk to and meet up with? Do I enjoy being alone? Do I have enough to keep me occupied? Am I convinced that it is worth being alive? Do I mean something to others?”

Anyone who is doubtful or negative about the questions above will probably find getting old and trying to stay abstinent and contented in old age more difficult.

We want to make it easier for ourselves in a community. We are committed to a healthy, abstinent, active and vital lifestyle in old age, in the certainty that we are passing on something of importance to others – at least as a good example and the vision of a contented abstinent future – without anything that can lead to addiction.

Come and join us and take part in our work!

Our concept for "“The older generation / 55 plus" (german)

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Paul-Michael Leißner
Paul-Michael Leißner

Public Relations

Public relations is required at all levels of Kreuzbund in order to familiarize the public with our work, aims and achievements. Every single group member is an advertisement for the organization – the simplest form of publicity is personal contact. Many people still have incomplete knowledge of addiction, its causes and consequences. There is a lot of prejudice. Continuous PR work and more frequent reference in the media to the topics of addiction, addiction aid and self-help for addicts can help to change people’s opinions – but that takes time and patience!

PR is a planned and conscious effort to create and cultivate greater understanding, trust and acceptance among the public as a whole, and to promote a positive image. Honest, open and complete information on the facts, people or groups in tangible circumstances and social context, on the background to problems and possible solutions form the focal point. The effect of PR work cannot be measured directly at any point, it is a permanent process.

It is therefore necessary to maintain regular contact with the public, so that as many addicted people as possible are made aware of how Kreuzbund can help them, and at the same time to win potential sponsors. Kreuzbund should be presented as an experienced organization with a long tradition, and at the same time as a mutual aid community, open to change and to the requirements of modern-day addiction and addiction aid. Kreuzbund’s excellent features, its volunteers and the fact that many of them are themselves addicts, should be emphasized. Members should identify themselves with the organization, speak one language to the public and present themselves as an entity. A uniform image helps to make the target groups more aware of the association and its work.

The chief aim of all PR measures is to ensure the existence of the association in the long term. The short and middle-term goal is better coordination of public relations at the different levels of the organization. This means that the voluntary local “multipliers” must be more involved and better qualified. This is the aim of our working conferences twice a year.

Come and join us – we aim to make the public more aware of Kreuzbund!

Our concept for "Public Relations" (german)

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Pfr. Thorsten Weßling
Pfr. Thorsten Weßling

Counselling / Spiritual guidance

Christianity can be termed a healing religion. Christian counseling aims at healing the whole person, his corporal, but also spiritual, intellectual and social character. The Bible and the Christian church’s tradition of charity provide orientation for counseling and spiritual guidance within Kreuzbund.

In the first instance, pastoral care within Kreuzbund provides spiritual support for addicted people and their dependents and stimulates spiritual life within the community.

The pastoral counselors in the addiction self-aid system take the illness seriously and are aware of its dynamics. Their intention is to illustrate and strengthen everything that can offer hope and improvement to afflicted people. Counselling contributes to the healing process and reconciliation with the illness. It is open to everyone who is personally affected or their families and is non-confessional.

Our concept for "Counselling / Spiritual guidance"

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