Become a member

Become a member

Some 13,000 men and women have already made the decision to support Kreuzbund by taking out membership.

There are many good reasons to do so: Within the community of Kreuzbund members, many group participants, whether addicts or family members, have overcome the problems of addiction. Kreuzbund unites and strengthens its members. Many are grateful for the help they have received in Kreuzbund and now want to offer their support to others.

Kreuzbund membership brings many advantages:

  • Entitlement to vote and have a say in the group or on a diocesan or national level
  • Participation in regional and national events where you will meet others similarly affected and exchange information
  • Reduced fees / possibly participation free of charge for seminars and training courses : Kreuzbund takes up topics and developments of immediate interest and trains its members and volunteers accordingly.
  • Access to renowned networks within addiction (self) aid, guaranteeing the best possible support for those seeking assistance.
  • Subscription to WEGGEFÄHRTE, the magazine for members with expert advice and information, free of charge
  • Taking on a voluntary job leads to further qualifications and personal development.
  • Accident and third-party insurance during voluntary work.
  • Support for an association that gains more importance the more members it has: Kreuzbund represents the interests of people affected by addiction in health and social politics, within the Church and Caritas, in the official German Office for Addiction Problems (DHS) and vis-à-vis the German social security system (DRV), the medical insurances and many other institutions.

Addicted people who seek membership recognize the society’s charter and are bound to abstinence from their addictive substance. Non-addicted members are not obliged to remain abstinent, but very often do so out of solidarity with their addicted partner.

Join us and become part of a great movement!