Kreuzbund magazine : WEGGEFÄHRTE (Companions)

Kreuzbund magazine : WEGGEFÄHRTE (Companions)

Kreuzbund issues a national magazine “WEGGEFÄHRTE“ („Companions“) five times annually with a print run of 16,000 copies. The magazine is intended on the one hand for members and other group participants who are not (yet) members, and also for employees of the addiction counseling services, addiction clinics, experts from scientific and research institutes and other cooperating partners within the health service. The magazine contains various columns such as Letters to the Editor, reports from the diocesan organizations, articles about new developments or questions within the association as well as contributions from experts on addiction and mutual aid topics. The “Passiert – Notiert” (What has been happening?) column provides you with information on interesting events, latest research and statistics. 

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